Doskonalenie umiejętności strzeleckich



During the entire term, all branches of the PHA paid close attention to systematic improvement of shooting skills by hunters, through organising numerous competitions at the domestic and regional level.


Shooting Skills Tests

            Each year, a timetable for a central shooting competition is prepared, which, after approval by the Firearms Commission of SHC and issuance of a relevant order by the Chairman of the Main Assembly of the PHA, is transferred to regional assemblies and published in Łowiec Polski and on the website.


The number of competitions in the 2010-2014 term were as follows:


























The most important central competitions include:

  1. The PHA Championship/Overall Class, which is a summary of the entire shooting course in hunting regions and clubs in a given year. Its popularity attests to the involvement of hunting clubs and their members in improving individual shooting skills.

PHA Championships/Overall Class took place in:

2010 - Bydgoszcz

2011 - Chełm

2012 - Ciechanów

2013 - Leszno

2014 - Włocławek


  1. PHA Championship/Champions’ Class is the largest championship in terms of the number of participants. Apart from team classification, the best shooters awarded with a Shooting Laurus are entitled to take part in this event. The championship extends for two days, and is organised every year in a different region. This championship enjoys high popularity, and emotions and results go up year by year.

During the last term, this championship took place in:

2010 - Opole

2011 - Rzeszów

2012 - Poznań

2013 - Katowice

2014 - Poznań

We would like to highlight that the championship has been well organised, and features solemn ceremony and the participation of numerous guests, including representatives of state administration, local governments, members of Parliament, and viewers.


  1. The Colonel Ignacy Stachowiak Domestic Hunting Clubs Competition has enjoyed unrelenting popularity. Representatives of hunting clubs that have won regional competitions take part in this competition. A total of 49 winning teams participate.

During the previous term, the following units organised this competition:

2010 - Słupsk

2011 - Gdańsk

2012 - Lublin

2013 - Radom

2014 - Koszalin


  1. Shooters’ League Finals, an open PHA championship, was established by a resolution of the Executive Board of the Polish Hunting Association, and significantly revived the hunters’ milieu by introducing strong competition between teams from particular regions. The support provided to this event by various regional structures and local authorities is worthy of attention, as it contributes to their popularity and high-level sports at an organisational level. This is a two-day competition that takes place in a different region every year:


2010 - Poznań

2011 - Katowice

2012 - Gdańsk

2013 - Słupsk

2014 - Częstochowa


It is also worth mentioning the new hunting rules, amended in 2013 and applicable since 1 January 2014.

The most important amendments to the rules include, among others, the introduction of doublets on the hunting axis and doublets to flights, as well as shooting sticks in “stag” and “fox” competitions.

Moreover, in 2014, the Female Championship was introduced to the central hunting competition timetable.

The first edition of the championship enjoyed great popularity, and hosted over eighty female competitors representing all PHA Regional Management Boards.

Apart from serving as a reminder, the Shooter’s Laurus represents a certain honour bestowed upon a hunter. It is awarded for results exceeding 1320 per 1500 points obtained at three specific central competitions in a given year. Hunters can compete for a Laurus every year, and more than a half of awardees have won the Laurus twice or more. For example, 204 competitors won the Shooter’s Laurus badge, and 1 shooter won the Golden Laurus with a Diamond. 33 shooters have won the Golden Shooter’s Laurus, the Silver Shooter’s Laurus, and the Bronze Shooter’s Laurus. In sum, during the current term, 1131 shooters won the Shooter’s Laurus (compared to 1123 in the previous term). On the one hand, the introduction of new rules, including stricter criteria, has made it more difficult to win the award; but on the other, it has motivated and mobilised competitors to improve their shooting skills.


The number of Shooter’s Laurus badges during each term:









Number of Laura awarded








            Upon initiative of the Executive Board of the PHA and the Firearms Commission of the NHC, a new hunting champion badge has been introduced. Moreover, the rules and regulations of parkour shooting—planned for introduction to the training programme of PHA members and candidates—are under preparation.


Regional and Local Shooting Competitions

            Every year, more than 260 shooting events take place on a regional or professional level, for example: championships of foresters (members of the PHA), students, doctors, chaplains, Regional Hunting Council Chairmen Cups, the Cities Cup, the Regions Cup, etc.

According to annual reports of regional assemblies, around 45,000 hunters take part in hunting training courses at shooting ranges that belong to our organisation every year. This large number of members places high organisational demands upon PHA management. Striving to achieve the best results at shooting ranges seems to be directly reflected when using hunting skills and instructional experience during real, ethical hunts on hunting grounds.

            Year by year, the level of skills improves, in spite of frequent cases of difficult financial situations among our members and hunting clubs. This can be proven by the fact that overall, class shooters frequently score over 460 out of 500 possible points at competitions. This has allowed them to raise the bar when it comes to winning the championship-class title, which can be achieved by scoring 425 out of 500 points (previously 400 out of 500). Notwithstanding that fact, more and more hunters now win hunting championship titles. 

Training Hunting Instructors and Judges

            A precondition of an adequate shooting training course at the Polish Hunters Association is qualified lecturers and instructors, as well as broad training facilities in the form of a modern shooting range network. In the reporting period, several dozen training courses for hunting judges and instructors took place, and nearly 1500 persons completed these courses. This reflects the demand for qualified instructors, mainly expressed by hunting clubs.

Shooting Ranges

A training course for hunters is organised at shooting ranges open to PHA members. We have observed an increasing number of shooting ranges, much to our satisfaction—especially ones that allow organisation of training courses and competitions within the framework of a full hunting sixathlon. Currently, we have 40 full-profile shooting ranges and 51 partial ones, as well as over 300 shooting ranges at hunting clubs.

During the current term, the management of the Association paid particular attention to improving safety at our shooting ranges. Members of the Firearms Commissions of the NHC and RHC, as well as employees of the Association, carried out regular inspections of technical conditions and equipment at shooting ranges, and provided relevant recommendations.